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Configure pacman to use /dev/shm

Use memory instead of disk with pacman/makepkg

Install Arch Linux, LVM and encrypt the disk (XPS 9360)

Install Arch Linux and encrypt your harddrive before booting

Keep screenshots of your app update with RSpec

Use your build to update the screenshots of your app.

Git: Ignore files for all repositories

Using map and filter (not reduce) to get unique values of array (JavaScript)

Deploy using mina and Docker

Using emojis as icons


How to run pronto in drone 0.8.0

How to run the rubygem pronto to check your commit quality

Should I store version in Gemfile/package.json?

I always thought that we don't need to. But do you think that all the package manager do the same?

How to use inheritance in YAML files

Should I store db/schema in my git?

(My) Guidelines to contribute to a repository Git

Getting started with testcafe and Docker

My top20 most used commands

How to start learning Ruby

Simple way to serve a website using nginx and docker

How to boot an ISO in your hard drive using Grub

Docker at Auckland Node.js Meetup

Migrating from PhantomJS to google-chrome headless using Docker

How to temporary ignore files in git

Avoiding false-positive in tests: Don't use the same data

How to import IMDB database using csvkit and copy

What is wrong with this test?

How to mark a it_should_behave_like as pending

Usefull Gems for testing a Ruby and Ruby on Rails app

How to create helper methods to RSpec

Install Ruby 2.3.x in Linux

Replace \maketitle with a image in Latex


Create a sitemap for your middleman

docker-compose: Couldn't connect to Docker daemon

Fix: Google Chrome is opening Firefox

How to fix thunar missing icons

Annoying, annoying, annoying. This is Thunar without icons

From Jekyll to Middleman

This post is about some features that I love in middleman

Backup and Restore Docker Images

How to backup and restore Docker images using save and load

Zero to Up and Running Ruby Project (Short Version)

How to import IMDB Database using imdbpy

How to import the tvs.gz files from IMDB to PostgreSQL using imdbpy


Migrate HD using Arch Linux Install Media

How to migrate your Arch Linux installation to a new HD using the official install media


Learning Python using automated test

Initial steps to learn Python using automated test


Classes and methods in Ruby

Basic concepts of classes and methods in Ruby