Edit ~/.gtkrc-2.0 with something like:

gtk-icon-theme-name = "Tango"

And that is it :)

Thunar without icons

I'm still looking for a perfect filebrowser, nautilus is good I wish I could use it, but nautilus has so many dependencies that I always give up installing.

I tried thunar in a docker image (it is here if you want to use it), but you know we don't get many integrations in this way.

Like I said I tried first to use it in a Docker image, fixed this problem but I could not create the habit of using it. Then I moved to install it in my desktop. And then I got in this problem again. And… I forgot how to fix it :/

Fix it!

This “missing icons” problem happens only when there is no icons in your system (which is a rare case) or when your system is not configured properly.

If you don't have a icon theme

In the first case you will have to install a icon pac to find “instalables” pacs type:

$ apt-cache search icon-theme

In Ubuntu, or

$ pacman -Ss icon-theme

In Arch.

Install it using apt-get install ICON-THEME or pacman -S ICON-THEME.

Configure it

If you had installed or you already had a icon theme in order to fix this problem you have to create or edit this file: ~/.gtkrc-2.0 to something like:


And that is it!